How to Make Your Own Halloween Treats

Halloween is a fun time of year for both adults and children alike. Halloween is a time for eating many different types of fun candy, as children go from house to house gathering more and more sweets while enjoying the holiday and the joy of this celebration. Muddy Buddies One great treat you can make […]

Top Halloween Songs

There are several songs that are popular during Halloween. These top Halloween songs would be excellent to play if you are throwing a Halloween party or if you are just looking for something a little spooky to add to your day to day fun. They’re modern and hip and easy to listen to. Enjoy! Black […]

Halloween Traditions Around the World

Halloween remains the world’s most popular holiday. Halloween is celebrated across the globe in almost all the countries in the world (except for Africa). The holiday is popular because it is observed by both the young and the old, everyone gets to hang out and have fun in their way. Origin of the Holiday The […]

Day of the Dead and Halloween

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between the day of the dead and Halloween in most countries of the world. A lot of people confuse the two holidays because of its massive resemblance in decorations. The truth is, there are two different holidays with different significant importance. The day of the dead […]

Trendy 2018 Costumes

Halloween time is that period of the year when people put on scary materials and costumes in other to scare their friends and loved ones. Although clowns can be very creepy, but they are not the only available option in Halloween costumes. Others like scary ghost, zombies, mummies, demons, skeletons, reapers, witches and so on […]

Best Halloween Movies

Halloween is a season know for double and trouble, caldron bubble and fire burn. A lot of fun and scary things like the bats, spiders, monkey, monsters, haunted houses, corn mazes, etc, make it one of the people’s favorite seasons. To classify a movie as a perfect one for Halloween, it should be able to […]

History of Halloween costumes

Halloween costume is a holiday that is celebrated annually on October 31. The Halloween costume that is now popular now has only existed for the past 100 years unlike Halloween itself. At the 31st of every October, children of different ages dress have witches, devils, vampires, superheroes, movie character, etc. while the adults join the […]