Halloween is a season know for double and trouble, caldron bubble and fire burn. A lot of fun and scary things like the bats, spiders, monkey, monsters, haunted houses, corn mazes, etc, make it one of the people’s favorite seasons. To classify a movie as a perfect one for Halloween, it should be able to meet with the mix of the Halloween thrills, fantasy, festivity and chills. A movie for Halloween should never be a dull one, it should never be outright horrifying, and it should be a movie that people will prefer to watch in groups. In this article, I will outline some of the best Halloween movies of all time: www.seventeen.com/life/g1558/best-halloween-movies

The Fog

The fog is a movie by John Carpenter. It is an old fashioned movie that talks mainly about ghost, making no bones about it. In a quick review of the film, it opens with a spinning camp fire about a local legend of a wrecked ship called Elizabeth Dane. The ship was washed off on a rocky shore about 100 years ago at Antonio Bay, with all its crew dragged to the bottom of the sea. The film is a film that talks about the spirit of a camp fire ghost story, making it a perfect movie for Halloween.

Sleepy Hollow

This movie centers on a city detective, Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) who was sent on an investigation about a series of decapitations that were caused by the headless horseman in Sleepy Hollow a remove village. The movie is one of the trademarks of Burton, and it centers much on romance between Ichabod and Katrina Van Tassel who was a local beauty. If there is a movie to be called one that fits for Halloween, then Sleepy Hollow is the movie!

The Conjuring

For a Halloween movie that will scare you out of your mind, this movie is for you. James Wan, who was one of the characters in Furious 7, took his skills and put it in use in this movie. The film is about a married who wanted to help a family being troubled by dangerous spirits in their Farmhouse. The Conjuring is a well crafted matured horror film that talks about scariest invincible things that could be happening in a deep dark corner.

Cabin in the Woods

Wood Cabin is a movie that is full of horror and at the same time, jokes. The film that begins with a group of beautiful and innocent young people that where punished for all their evil transgression by forces of evil. collider.com/best-horror-movies-to-watch-on-halloween.

The Monster Squad

This is one Halloween movie for the young bloods, I mean the kids. This movie doesn’t exactly look like one that will scare the adults, but it is a sure Halloween movie that all kids will love to see. This movie is about how The Woofman, The Mummy, Frankenstein etc were all assembled by Count Dracula, a group of kids who are monster fanatics decided to stop them! The Monster Squad is a movie suitable for all ages who are Halloween inclined.