Halloween remains the world’s most popular holiday. Halloween is celebrated across the globe in almost all the countries in the world (except for Africa). The holiday is popular because it is observed by both the young and the old, everyone gets to hang out and have fun in their way.

Origin of the Holiday

The origin of Halloween can be traced to Europe, in Ireland. Back in the days, over 20 centuries ago, people would gather together and set up bonfires, drink and merry in circles at night. This is usually done after the kids must have gone around during the day to carry out their normal “trick-or-treat.” They move around in groups carrying their goody baskets collecting candies and other goodies from the homes they visit.

During the bonfire night, people party in groups. Play games and have fun drinking alcohol. A lot of fun games where invented during that period. One of the most popular games played during this time is the treasure hunts where parents hide candies or pastries and set their kids to look for them. Another popular game played by the Irish is the “card game” where cards are arranged on a table and used to cover coins or candies. Whoever chooses a card with a treasure underneath gets to keep the treasure after the game.

During the celebration in Ireland, a popular traditional Halloween meal is prepared by every family. The food is called the “Barnbrack,” a cake made of choice fruits that are either baked at home or bought from the stores. There is a long tradition of hiding a treat inside the cake. Things like a piece of straw or even a ring are hidden inside the cakes. These items are used to tell the future for the eater. A ring means possible marriage while the straw means a prosperous future.

Also, during the Halloween celebration, people play tricks on themselves for more fun. Neighbors are dressed like ghosts to scare themselves and decorate their houses to look like a hunted villa. Kids go around playing pranks on themselves and their neighbors. The holiday is all about having fun in the weirdest ways.

Halloween in Other Parts of the World – Europe

All other countries in Europe celebrate the Halloween holiday. In Belgium, people light candles on the night of the holiday to remember their dead relatives. They also have this belief about black cats and how it brings ill luck when it crosses’ your path or gets into a traveling ship. In Austria, people take a holiday as a more magical celebration. They see Halloween as a period of welcoming dead souls back to the earth, and they leave food, water, and other stuff at night before the holiday.

In America

You would think that the Halloween holiday originates from the united states with the way it is celebrated in that part of the world. In America, people take a holiday more seriously, and preparations begin weeks before the actual date. The Canadians did not celebrate Halloween up until immigrants from other parts of the world brought the celebrations with them in the 1800s. Now people light up their homes using the Jack O’ Lanterns, and street parties are held during the holiday.