Are planning on having a haunted castle for Halloween this holiday? Come on board as we take you through some helpful tips that will make your dream come true.

Make Your Haunted Maze

This is the first step to turn your home into a haunted sacred castle. You can use your garage or an old room to your haunted maze. But the garage is most ideal for this trick. The following steps will help you turn your garage into a haunted maze:

  • Move your garage door up until is almost halfway up.
  • Get an old bed sheet and hang them down the door dividing the space into two halves.
  • Get a cardboard tunnel filled with creepy objects like rubber spiders, crawling insects, and spider webs.
  • Make sure your trick-or-treaters crawl through the tunnel to get into the garage.
  • You can decorate your garage with objects like spider webs, hanging bats, and old hats.
  • Spice things up with motion activated decorations
Haunted garage

You can now keep your candies on the other side and let brave kiddies crawl through the tunnel and go for it. This way only the brave kids will get to the candy.

Use Your Yard

You can turn your home around this holiday and create a horrifying atmosphere. If you have a very spacious yard, then you can set this to your advantage and create a fantastic destination for all thrill-seekers this holiday. There are lots of extravagant decorations that can help you achieve this. You can visit your Halloween stores for ideas and collections. If you are not a fan of store-bought decorations, you can as well get your spooky yard using our DIY tips. You can get garbage bags, tatter them and hang them around trees, get corn stalks from local farms and place them beside your doorways, you can use electric candles at night to give off that scary glow from your windows.

Make It Yourself

The best decorations are always made from home. They are unique, creative and brings live to the reason for the season. Instead of getting all your decorations from a store, you can spook things up this year and make them yourself. You can try out the old curtains, they are really nice Halloween decorations. All you need to do is get long piece of cheesecloth and cut them into the number of curtains you want to have. Soak the cloths in a mixture of strong black tea and let them dry out. When they are dried, you can cut small holes around them and shred the curtains at the lower parts. You can hang these curtains with old ropes on your windows and lit them up with electric candles or use light bulb old lanterns.

Get Involved

The best kinds of Halloween decorations are the ones that involve humans. Imagine how you would feel walking into a real witch in an old yard as you trick-or-treat?  This will scare the light out your eyes and that’s where the joy of hallowed lies.

Get involved in the celebration. Get dressed in really scary cloths, take your kids out and have fun.