There are a lot of things you can do to celebrate Halloween with family, without forgetting that usually, it’s one of the favorite celebrations of the little ones at home. But how to celebrate it to make it memorable? Thanks to the ideas that you will find in this article, y’all will be able to put together the best plan to have an incredible time and have an unforgettable memory of these moments.

Cooking with the Children, Terrifying Recipes

Children love treats, so they probably will not be unwilling to lend a hand in the kitchen, especially if instead of preparing plain cookies, you let the ghosts and the most terrifying characters come alive in their favorite desserts.

Some ideas for a scary Halloween dinner can be a pizza full of terrifying spiders made of black olives with sprigs of rosemary and mozzarella cut into ghosts. You can also make a cake decorated with the face of Jack Skellington. The possibilities are endless, online you will find many halloweenesque recipes.

Family Movie Session

In this list of family plans, you have to consider this fabulous one. Nothing better than having an exceptional time watching horror movies suitable for children, enjoying a homemade feast of terror.

There are many feature films of that type that are available in streaming services. Among the favorite classics of the little ones are “The Addams Family”, “Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Frankenwinnie”, “Ghostbusters”, “Hotel Transylvania” and “Casper”.

Design Grim Crafts and Decorate the House

Creating a “frightening” space at home is the first step for children to warm up the engines for the surprises that await them. The idea is that it’s a decoration designed to take flight the imagination.

Make cardboard bats and hang them from the ceiling, draw small paper pumpkins to adorn the walls and make lamps from recycled cans, also fill the house with false spiderwebs. Another very simple decorative detail that has a great visual impact is some white sheets thrown on the furniture, to give the space an air of the abandoned house.

Make Scary Costumes

Halloween would not be Halloween without the costumes. In fact, most children wait anxiously all year to be able to disguise what they want to be superheroes, TV characters or monsters. Although the stores are full of costumes, they can be made at home, with the help of the children. An excellent idea is to make costumes with recycled materials.

Of course, these are the most interesting homemade alternatives to spend Halloween with toddlers, it’s possible to find many more, for example, there are different companies, restaurants, theaters, and cultural centers that organize various activities that can be most picturesque and fun, but above all suitable for little ones.

There are also many Halloween games that can be made at home and that excite both adults and children alike. These are fun activities that can be shared with the youngest of the house to incorporate them into the celebration as they reach the age of dressing up and enjoying going to the neighborhood trick or treating.