It’s the time of year of costumes, sweets, as well as trick or treating. Although Halloween gives lots of fun and entertainment, it’s also a day on which real security risks increase exponentially.

If this is your first year celebrating Halloween with small children at home, it’s important that you know how to get a safe and fun night for everyone, even for the smallest little monsters!

Halloween can be experienced harmlessly, but it requires that the parents pay extra attention to preparation and supervision. A smart move could be speaking with your children every year about the security rules that they should follow, all this, according to their age.

Have in mind the most common hazards that they could be exposed during this celebration and review what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to going out asking for sweets. Keep reading these helpful tips to keep your little ones safe during this spooky time.

Prepare the little ones for the scares

As a parent, you know your child better. The best way to handle fears and prepare small kids for Halloween is to talk about what will happen, acknowledging their fears and concerns. The books and stories about the tradition of going out to ask for sweets are excellent allies to tell them what’s happening.

Young children should know that the point of celebrating Halloween has some fun, and that spooky decorations and costumes aren’t real. If in any case, the child doesn’t want to participate in the festivities, the right thing is not to force the kid to participate and try again the next year, remember, 12 months can make a big difference!

When it comes to choosing costumes…

Keep in mind that no matter what your little one chooses, the shinier the better. Whether you buy a costume or do it yourself, choose bright colors and fireproof materials. If your child will be asking for sweets outdoors at dusk, put reflective tape on their costume or candy bag. It’s also important that keep them are warm enough and the fitting of the costume not too loose to avoid slips.

Masks aren’t recommended as they can obstruct vision. Non-toxic makeup, suitable for children is a better option. Also, pointy accessories, such as wands, swords, and knives, could be safety hazards. You can replace them with flashlights or bright bracelets.

Avoid visits to the emergency room

We as parents must be alert when carving pumpkins with the little ones of the house, they should always be supervised by an adult during this activity. If they are too young, can participate in other phases of decoration. It’s preferable to use flashlights or glow sticks instead of candles to illuminate the pumpkins.

Always check the sweets that appear in your child’s bag before he eats them. Discard any candy with deteriorated or suspicious packaging, also if your child has food allergies read well the ingredients of the treats, and if the kid is still learning to eat solids remove those that may represent a risk of choking like peanuts, hard candy or gum.

 Some very enthusiastic decorations could be a risk for children who are just beginning to walk alone, keep an eye out for obstacles on the road and encourage your child to use a flashlight and walk with caution.

On this day also the cases of windings of small children duplicates, so be careful when driving in residential areas and supervise your children at all moment, discuss some basic rules of warning when playing on the street and plan the tour of trick or treating in a radius near home.