Stuff People Do on Halloween

Regardless of where you come from, Halloween has become synonymous with trick or treating or parties where people dress up in costumes that usually have little to do with anything scary. However, if you’re not into one of these two mainstream options constantly promoted by media, what are you’re left with is not any less fun. In fact, people have come up with very creative and spooky ways to celebrate Halloween that you might want to consider if you’re looking for something alternative.

Visit an abandoned house

Disclaimer – this might not be everybody’s cup of tea. And you need to make sure you’re not going somewhere where you’re not supposed to be, legally or safety-wise. Other than that, is there a better time during the year to grab your friends and visit the premises of that abandoned old hotel which gives you chills every time you drive by? Again, make sure you’re not doing anything dangerous – it’s best to not even go inside – but just being in the presence of something that in itself gives you chills on a Halloween night is surely an experience you will remember.

Have a horror movie night

Are you more of a blanket-and-popcorns type of a person? If you don’t like to leave your house on an occasion that is any less than mandatory, and all of your friends have decided to go to a party, it does not mean your night has to be boring! Put together a list of horror films you’d like to watch and go on a 7-hour-long binge-watching session. One tip: pick films that would all share at least one characteristic, for instance the same director, theme, or time period. That way, when you finish, you’ll be able to compare them among themselves and have opinions, not just chills.

Host a spooky story night

Alternatively, if your friends share a similar lack of wish to go out, you can all gather together for an old-fashioned night with a flashlight and some spooky stories. Remember, not everyone is a good storyteller, and even if they are, not everyone has a scary story to tell off the top of their heads. Plus, not everyone might wish to be in the spotlight, so announce this idea in advance, give people time to think, and make sure you know how many of your friends will contribute so that it does not turn out to be a regular hang-out session because no one prepared anything.

Hit a haunted amusement park or haunted house

Horror-themed amusement parks and houses are frequented by thrill-seekers on a regular basis, but what’s a better night to visit one than Halloween? If you do so from time to time and you don’t feel impressed, consider this – there is this haunted house, called McKamey Manor, which claims to be the scariest one in the world. And it backs up the words with deeds – you need a doctor’s note claiming you’re mentally stable to enter, and you get $20,000 if you finish it. No one ever has. How’s that for a Halloween challenge?