Haunted houses are the best way to kick off the Halloween season, but these attractions in the U.S. take it to a whole new stage. If you’re a fan of haunted horrors, gruesome ghouls, and murderous mysteries, you’ve come to the correct spot. Though just a few centuries old, America has amassed an impressive bit of eerie residences, each deemed haunted due to paranormal activity or a horrifying past. From spooky hotels to murder mansions, these ghostly dwellings span from coast to coast. Read on to see the list of America’s creepiest haunted houses.

Whaley House

San Diego is home to the Whaley House, dubbed “America’s Most Haunted House.” Ghosts have been rumoured to wander the halls since the estate was built in the mid-1800s, spooking residents and visitors alike for well over a century. Whether or not you believe the tales of Yankee Jim Robinson, a criminal who was strung up on the property and supposedly haunts it to this very day, you should make the trek to this spooky dwelling for its Ghost Presence tours and Silent Screams movie screenings.

13th Floor, Denver, Colorado

At Denver’s largest haunted house, a trip through the fabled 13th floor will not only lead to encounters with spirits from the netherworld, but you’ll run into creatures from this world, such as rats, snakes, and spiders. The creepiest creature on the floor is Mr. Hey Kids, a retired professional clown who, after years of neglect, developed a taste for blood. His laughter can be heard echoing through the halls, mixed with screams of terror.

The Hex House, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Inspired by a true story from Tulsa’s haunted past, the Hex House is named after a real Tulsa home where two young women were found to have been held in occult control for seven years. A 1944 police investigation into the premises uncovered a coffin in the backyard and along with the two hypnotized women. The resulting probe was nicknamed the “Hex House” case because police and reporters thought it had all the elements of a Halloween story, including bondage, spell-casting, devil worship.

Statesville Haunted Prison, Crest Hill, Illinois

This haunted prison is located 40 miles southwest of Chicago and sits in the shadow of the real Stateville Maximum Security Prison on Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm. Its theme? Prison riot. Guests are led through 23 maximum security cells and come face to face with over 100 ghostly criminals that, the attraction claims, “are too evil to die.”

Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati, Ohio)

There are some lessons they don’t teach you in school, like what to do if the school janitor is a psychopath. That’s what happened at the Dent Schoolhouse in the 1950s, according to the town’s legend. Students who taunted Charlie the Janitor went missing, and their bodies were found in his cellar. Charlie’s ghost is supposed to still haunt the school-turned-haunted-house, then keep an eye out for him while you walk through one of the scariest attractions in the Midwest.

Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati, Ohio)