Halloween time is that period of the year when people put on scary materials and costumes in other to scare their friends and loved ones. Although clowns can be very creepy, but they are not the only available option in Halloween costumes. Others like scary ghost, zombies, mummies, demons, skeletons, reapers, witches and so on are some scary costumes that will make ur friends scream in fear. There are so many great options when it comes to Halloween costumes, some are fun, some are silly and then some are scary. In this article were gonna go over the trendiest of them all so that you look stylish while out on Halloween night.

Pennywise the clown

This is the new face of terror, this great costume from 2017 is more scarier than the original.

Wonder Woman

Dress like the famous and powerful wonder woman, the badass herself and the hero of many. The film was so popular that she quickly became a favorite.

Christmas Story Bunny Suit

You will want to wear this comfly bunny costume, thanks to Anty Clara, this costume will be an Halloween hit.


Dress in pink gown like Eleven from Stranger Things this Halloween season!


You sure want to be the crazy drunk grandpa who everyone wants to go on a space adventure with.

Inflatable Club Suit

Making an entrance will be lot easier in this inflatable suit. I just hope you will fit in through the door!


Let the people know who the real lifeguards are in this costume!

Belle from the Beauty and the Beast

Dress like Emma Watson in her yellow Belle costume.

Daenerys Targaryen

Be the Princess of the house of Targaryen and be ready to take back the throne!

Jon Snow

In this winter season, Jon Snow’s costume from the game of thrones will just be perfect.

Twisty the Clown Mask

The terrifying freak show is back! And its going to scare your heart out!

Tina costume

This is everyone’s favourite of Bob’s Burgers character. It comes with two toned dress and a foam wig with yellow barrette: www.pinrest.com.

Orange Prisoner

Show your love for Piper and her Prison mates.

Kylo Ten

This is the dark side. This is a costume that will make you feel like you are from galaxy far away.

T-Rex inflatable

Dress like a dinosaur, and you will be the hit of the party!

Death Hollow

Straight from Harry Potter, you will be the creepiest mom on the block in this dress decorated with cummerbund sash and iron looking mask.

Women’s Minion

This is a perfect costume for Halloween.

Men Minion

Go with your gir and dress like a Male Minion.

Rey Costume

Prepare for starwars in this great costume.

Games of Throne white Walker Mask

You know they are coming! Be the most feared in this costume.


This costume is very simple and decent, it comes with faux muscles to back it up!

Rugrats Chuckie

You should not be a ginger for this Chickie finster: www.Halloween.com.