The end of October brings one of the most celebrated holidays (or rather parties) in the world. Halloween is one of these celebrations that has broken all the country barriers and is celebrated almost everywhere in the world. Each different country has its customs and traditions. Do you want to discover them?

United States

This is the country where Halloween is most celebrated. For Americans it’s a party that both children and adults are able to enjoy, everyone is disguised with the best and most varied costumes there are. Some with classic horror films and others taking it to the next level.

In some states, they have amazing parades with undead roaming the streets. But undoubtedly the best-known tradition that has been transmitted to other countries is the hunt of sweets. Children go door to door in their neighborhoods with the famous “trick or treat”.

Six children in costumes trick or treating at woman’s house

In addition to this, each area or state has its own mini customs. For instance, in Virginia, there are guided tours of the darkest places known for their ghosts and mystery stories. In Salem (that is well-known for its past with witches, activities related to witchcraft and spiritism) tours are carried out throughout October.

In addition, every year has a great moment, which is the houses’ decoration, some of them are really amazing. A very typical tradition of the United States at this time is the carving of pumpkins. Weeks before almost every American go to pumpkin markets to buy and decorate them in many different ways.


In Germany, as in all European countries, this holiday is becoming increasingly popular among its inhabitants. The tradition is to disguise oneself with the theme of fear, imitating characters from scary movies. In addition, people usually get together for dinner with friends and family while children ask for candy between neighbors. A curious fact is that during Halloween night, they keep all the knives away from the house so the spirits that are returning home don’t get hurt.


In this country, Halloween is an almost exclusive celebration for children. The gastronomic side is very important, it’s typical to eat vanilla and chocolate eyes, witches’ elixir, witches’ fingers and other types of food that aren’t suitable for the heart fainted.

One of the most curious things that are done in London is the celebration of the London Zombie Walk, a parade where thousands of people in disguise roam the streets of the capital city. During the development of the parade, the participants go through different pubs in the city where they can go tasting different dishes and cocktails with a Halloween theme.


This country has a party that represents life and death. This party lasts three days. The participation of the children is very important, and they all go out wearing their costumes the night of October 31st.

On November 1, All Saints’ Day, religious offerings are made and preparations begin for November 2nd, which is the moment in which All the Dead are entertained with parades, they decorate cemeteries with flowers, offerings of sweets, loaves of bread and cakes to their departed relatives. The most typical treats for the loved ones are Mexico’s well-known “Pan de Muerto” and “sweet calaveritas”. In the Mexican Halloween, the saints and the dead are celebrated, still, this isn’t a sad occasion, as a matter of fact, it’s a celebration about life, a time to share with those loved ones who aren’t physically with us.